Sarauniya Charity Foundation Trains and Empowers Visual Impaired Women

The Sarauniya Charity Foundation has trained and empowered over 60 women including the visually impaired among them in the knitting and beading business.

This information was made public by the President of the Sarauniya Charity Foundation, Haj. Rabi’atu Umar (Fulani).

At least 60 women were selected and trained in the knitting and beads-making business. Among the women are the visually impaired women as well as widows, who find it very difficult to put food on the table for their families.

After the training, the beneficiaries were given support to start their own knitting and beading businesses.

The President of Sarauniya Charita Foundation, Haj. Rabi’atu, called on the Federal Government, employers of labour, organizations and entities to create equal, safe and inclusive job opportunities for the widows and the visually impaired, and also to support the organizations to be able to train and rehabilitate the blind so that they can also come out and be productive in life.

She explained that “It doesn’t mean that when you’re blind, you can’t achieve what you lay down to achieve in life, but having quality education becomes difficult, especially for the young ones who are the leaders of tomorrow. So, it is important for us to pay adequate attention to our eyes.

“In Nigeria, according to the National Blindness Survey, It’s been said that about 4.25 Millions Nigerians, aged 40 years old and above are actually either mildly visually impaired, moderate or even blind.

So, imagine this large proportion of the population is blinded, that will impact significantly on the economic growth of the country,” she added.

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